Expert Q&A 4 common questions about your roof warranties:

When you are in need of an older roof replacement taking a DIY approach to repairs and maintenance can often be difficult. Referral placement can be one of the largest and most dangerous projects that you take on with your home. Asking the right questions about your roof could help you learn that your roofing systems are still under warranty. Here are some of the best questions that you can ask about your roof warranty:

Can I get a roof warranty?

Installing any type of replacement roof often involves an investment of several thousand dollars. Working with a company that will provide you with a manufacturer and labor warranty will make sure that if your roof is damaged from any type of intensive weather event or problem with the installation, that you can be covered for a replacement. Even though you might have more money to invest in roof repairs, a warranty can help to protect your investment.

What does my warranty cover?

Shingles and replacement costs may be covered under the warranty for your roof. The penning on the type of shingles that you are installing, you may be covered on the overall cost of your roof as well as for the installation process.

What materials will be covered?

A warranty will likely cover defects on the product. If there is a problem with the product or a failure occurs after installation, you could be covered under your warranty for some replacement costs. Make sure that you are able to choose a brand that is reasonably strong financially and that you can make sure the manufacturer is reputable and will honor your warranty.

Is labor covered?

Workmanship errors can be common from manufacturers that do not have much experience in the field. A workmanship warranty is important to cover some of the costs of the replacement of a roof or on roofing repairs. Finding out more about labor coverage with your warranty can be important in protecting your investment.

Consider some of these top questions when you are asking more about roofing warranties.