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Clear Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

If you are thinking about renovating your floor, try to apply epoxy resin to it. It works best with concrete floor and any customized flooring. Clear epoxy resin can dry-hard, protect and bonds concrete together including any other surface such as granite.

The advantage when using epoxy resin is the floor will get a glossy finish, non-slip and very hygienic. It provides coating protection to the floor and at the same time with beautiful effect.


What is an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy is divided in two parts of polymer which is created by joining an epoxide resin with a polyamine hardener. Both part are usually comes together when you buy it. At the point when the two are blended, it is known as epoxy resin. Besides used for flooring, epoxy are used commercially and also for industries. The range of use of the material is very wide.

Epoxy is utilized to seal, coat, and solidify floors, and also applied on different surfaces, for example, floorboards and tiles. In business and modern settings, epoxy is utilized to help make floors sturdier. It can likewise be utilized to shield surfaces from graffiti.


Its waterproof and dust verification qualities makes it a perfect decision for floor covering. The hygienic nature of epoxy makes it suitable for hospital floors, kitchen and even toilet.

Epoxy also comes with a wide range of grades which can be used for different kind of utilization. For example, the epoxy that are used in residents are different from the one that are used in industrial. The same thing also applied to floors. Different composition will create different finish.

How to used epoxy on the floor?


Prepared the beneath surface before you can apply the epoxy coating. The concrete surfaces are diamond ground, uncovering the overall total for the right finishing. Epoxy is likewise used to rectify uneven floor surfaces.

Epoxy is blended on location and then will be applied to the floor surface. If the weather is in the right condition, you can walk on the surface within 24 hours. The thicker the mixture, the longer it can be used. For an even better result, reground and resealed the floor which can be only utilized if the floor is polished.

What will it look like?

The type of completion and look will rely on upon the kind of floor surface underneath. Epoxy resin is clear, and will add a reflective surface to the current floor. Of course this only can be achieve if you choose to use high gloss and semi-gloss resin.

Do you need epoxy covered floor?

Epoxy floor coatings make a sparkle complete which mirror the light and make spaces appear to be larger and breezy. You can easily clean the surface and it is very allergy friendly. You don’t have to worry much about maintenance, furthermore it is very quiet. There are no loud strides or reverberations.

Epoxy resin coatings are also suitable for work environments. Clean ups are fast and simple, and there is little worry about spills and stains.

For a beautiful, attractive and also high quality floor, consider the use of an epoxy floor covering in your home, office, or work place.

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